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   완전한 기능의 USB 3.1 및 2.0 Type-C 케이블 선 플러그 1, USB Type-C USB Type-C 케이블 플러그 2, USB Type-C 핀 이름 선 색 번호 이름 설명 2.0[a] 핀 이름 Shell Shield 브레이드 Braid Shield Cable external braid ✓ Shell Shield A1, B12,
B1, A12 GND 양철 도금 1 GND_PWRrt1 Ground for power return ✓ A1, B12,
B1, A12 GND 16 GND_PWRrt2 ✗ A4, B9,
B4, A9 VBUS 빨강 2 PWR_VBUS1 VBUS power ✓ A4, B9,
B4, A9 VBUS 17 PWR_VBUS2 ✗ B5 VCONN 노랑
18 PWR_VCONN VCONN power, for active cables[b] ✓ B5 VCONN A5 CC 파랑 3 CC Configuration channel ✓ A5 CC A6 Dp1 흰색 4 UTP_Dp[c] Unshielded twisted pair, positive ✓ A6 Dp1 A7 Dn1 녹색 5 UTP_Dn[c] Unshielded twisted pair, negative ✓ A7 Dn1 A8 SBU1 빨강 14 SBU_A Sideband use A ✗ B8 SBU2 B8 SBU2 검정 15 SBU_B Sideband use B ✗ A8 SBU1 A2 SSTXp1 노랑[d] 6 SDPp1 Shielded differential pair #1, positive ✗ B11 SSRXp1 A3 SSTXn1 갈색[d] 7 SDPn1 Shielded differential pair #1, negative ✗ B10 SSRXn1 B11 SSRXp1 녹색[d] 8 SDPp2 Shielded differential pair #2, positive ✗ A2 SSTXp1 B10 SSRXn1 주황색[d] 9 SDPn2 Shielded differential pair #2, negative ✗ A3 SSTXn1 B2 SSTXp2 흰색[d] 10 SDPp3 Shielded differential pair #3, positive ✗ A11 SSRXp2 B3 SSTXn2 검정[d] 11 SDPn3 Shielded differential pair #3, negative ✗ A10 SSRXn2 A11 SSRXp2 빨강[d] 12 SDPp4 Shielded differential pair #4, positive ✗ B2 SSTXp2 A10 SSRXn2 파랑[d] 13 SDPn4 Shielded differential pair #4, negative ✗ B3 SSTXn2
  1.  USB 2.0 Type-C 케이블은 SuperSpeed 또는 Sideband를 위한 선을 포함하지 않음.
  2.  VCONN must not traverse end-to-end through the cable. Some isolation method must be used.
  3. ↑ 이동:  There is only a single differential pair for non-SuperSpeed data in the cable, which is connected to A6 and A7. Contacts B6 and B7 should not be present in the plug.
  4. ↑ 이동:        Wire colours for differential pairs are not mandated.


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